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Auto Dealers
Auto Inspection
Auto Maintenance
Auto Rental
Banks and Financial
Book Stores
Cell Phone
Children and Education
Community Center
Drug and Pharmacy
Dry Cleaners
Fast Food and Take Out
Golf Courses
Hair and Beauty
Health and Fitness
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Neighborhood Amenities

Part of owning a home is convenient access to all the products and services you and your family need. This spacious home is within minutes off all of those things. Check out how close you are to the neighborhood amenities: 

Note:  Listed below is not even 10% of the shopping and specialty stores available to you in this area of Virginia Beach.  Most of these are right on Virginia Beach Blvd and very easy to find so you can acclimate to your new home very quickly.

All Night Dining   top
Denny's- 2 Minutes

All Night Stores   top
Harris Teeter (Grocery store)- 2 Minutes
Kroger's (Grocery store)- 2 Minutes
Denny's- 2 Minutes
7/11- 4 Minutes
Wal-Mart- 10 Minutes

Art Galleries and Art Supplies   top
AC Moore Arts & Crafts- 2 Minutes
Scrapbook Creations- 4 Minutes
Michael's- 6 Minutes
Kane Marie Fine Arts Gallery- 10 Minutes
Many art galleries also located at the beach- 15 Minutes

Auto Dealers   top
Dodge- 2 Minutes
Honda- 2 Minutes
Volkswagon- 3 Minutes
Hummer- 3 Minutes
Nissan- 3 Minutes
CarMax- 3 Minutes
Honda Motorcycle / RV- 3 Minutes
Chevy- 4 Minutes
Jaguar- 4 Minutes
Porsche- 4 Minutes
Audi- 4 Minutes
Kia- 4 Minutes
Subaru- 4 Minutes
Lincoln- 4 Minutes
Mercury- 4 Minutes
Buick- 4 Minutes
Ford- 5 Minutes
Toyota- 10 Minutes
Infiniti- 10 Minutes
Saturn- 10 Minutes
BMW- 10 Minutes
Mercedes- 10 Minutes
Suzuki- 10 Minutes
Volvo- 10 Minutes
Land Rover- 10 Minutes
Lots of used car dealers within 10 Minutes

Auto Inspection   top
Roving Auto- 2 Minutes

Auto Maintenance   top
Advanced Auto Parts- 2 Minutes
Jiffy Lube- 3 Minutes
Merchant's Tire and Auto- 3 Minutes
Grease Monkey- 4 Minutes
Big Al's- 4 Minutes
Pep Boys- 7 Minutes

Auto Rental    top
Avis- 2 Minutes
Budget- 3 Minutes
Enterprise- 3 Minutes
Hertz- 4 Minutes
RV Rental- 10 Minutes
U-haul- 2 one is about 3 Minutes and the other 10 Minutes

Banks and Financial   top
Wachovia- 2 Minutes
Heritage- 2 Minutes
Bank of the Commonwealth- 2 Minutes
Suntrust- 2 Minutes
Bank of America- 3 Minutes
BB&T- 3 Minutes
Navy Federal Credit Union- 4 Minutes
Citi Financial- 4 Minutes
RBC Centura Bank- 4 Minutes
Monarch Bank-4 Minutes
Towne Bank- 6 Minutes
Scott Trading- 7 Minutes

Book Stores   top
Barnes & Noble- 2 within 10 minutes

Churches   top
Revival Temple Of Christ- 2 Minutes
Temple Christian Ministries- 2 Minutes
Calvary Chapel- 2 Minutes
Kempsville Presbyterian Church- 2 Minutes
Emmanuel Lutheran Church- 2 Minutes
New Fellowship Baptist Church- 3 Minutes
Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church- 3 Minutes
Holy Faith Ministry- 3 Minutes
Bow Creek Presbyterian Church- 3 Minutes
St Nicholas Catholic Church- 3 Minutes
King's Grant Presbyterian Church- 3 Minutes
St Francis Episcopal Church- 3 Minutes
Thalia Trinity Presbyterian- 3 Minutes
Foundry United Methodist Church- 3 Minutes
Thalia United Methodist Church- 4 Minutes
St. Aidan's Episcopal Church- 4 Minutes
Lynnhaven Presbyterian Church- 4 Minutes
Virginia Beach Alliance Church-5 Minutes
First Chinese Baptist Church-5 Minutes
Kings Grant Baptist Church- 5 Minutes
First Lynnhaven Baptist Church- 5 Minutes
Jehovah's Witnesses Hall- 6 Minutes
Congregation Beth Chaverim- 6 Minutes
Lighthouse Fellowship- 6 Minutes
Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints- 8 Minutes
Kemspville Conservative Synagogue- 11 Minutes
Plus many, many more within 10 to 15 Minutes

Cell Phone   top
nTelos- 2 Minutes
Verizon- 3 Minutes
Cingular- 3 Minutes
Sprint- 4 Minutes
Alltell- 5 Minutes
T-Mobile- 7 Minutes
4 places within 10 Minutes

Children and Education   top
Huntington Learning- 2 Minutes
Dance Schools- 1 to 3 Minutes
Baby Depot- 3 Minutes
Teachers and Parents (TAP)- 4 Minutes
USA Baby- 4 Minutes
Central Library- 4 Minutes
Kids R Us- 10 minutes
Lots of child care centers within 10 Minutes
Also see schools

Clothing   top
Sam's Club- 2 Minutes
Burlington Coat Factory- 2 Minutes
Worth the Wait Consignment- 3 Minutes
BJ's Wholesale- 4 Minutes
Dress Barn- 4 Minutes
Lowenthal Clothing- 5 Minutes
Sears- 6 Minutes
Kohl's- 6 Minutes
Pembroke Mall- 6 Minutes
Shoe repair- 7 Minutes
Mens Warehouse- 8 Minutes
Lynnhaven Mall- 10 Minutes
Janaf Shopping Center- 15 Minutes
McArthur Mall (Regional Shopping Mall)- 20 minutes

Coffee   top
Starbucks- 3 within 1 to 8 Minutes
Coffease- 2 Minutes

Computer   top
Radio Shack- 2 Minutes
Sam's club- 2 Minutes
BJ's Wholesale- 4 Minutes
Best Buy- 7 Minutes
Circuit City- 7 Minutes
Several small computer repair places within 10 Minutes
Comp USA- 15 Minutes

Community Center   top
Bow Creek Recreation Center- 5 minutes
Kempsville Recreation Center- 9 Minutes

Convenience   top
Wawa- 3 Minutes
7/11- 4 Minutes

Drug and Pharmacy   top
Eckerd's- 2 Minutes
Walgreen's- 2 Minutes
BJ's Pharmacy- 2 Minutes

Dry Cleaners   top
Surf Cleaners- 2 Minutes
Albano's- 4 Minutes
Zoots- 7 Minutes

Electronics   top
Radio Shack- 2 Minutes
Best Buy- 7 Minutes
Circuit City- 7 Minutes
Comp USA- 15 Minutes

Entertainment   top
Paintball- 5 Minutes
Regal Columbus 12- 6 Minutes
Regal Cinemas at Pembroke- 6 Minutes
4x4 offroad- 15 Minutes

Fast Food and Take Out   top
Burger King- 2 Minutes
Taco Bell- 2 Minutes
Wendy's- 2 Minutes
KFC- 2 Minutes
Pizza Hut Delivery- 2 Minutes
Long John Silver's- 2 Minutes
McDonalds- 2 Minutes
Hardee's- 2 Minutes
Forbidden City Chinese- 2 Minutes
Sushi & Such- 2 Minutes
Jade Garden- 3 Minutes
Jay's Deli- 3 Minutes
Carvel- 3 Minutes
Quizno's- 4 Minutes
Subway- 4 Minutes
Boston Market- 4 Minutes
Bagel Shop- 6 Minutes
California Pizza Kitchen- 6 Minutes
Cold Stone Creamery- 6 Minutes
Chick-Fil-A- 6 Minutes
Silver Diner- 6 Minutes
Sonic- 8 Minutes
Rally's- 8 Minutes
Krispy Kreme- 8 Minutes
Goldberg Deli- 8 Minutes

Furniture   top
Bed, Bath and Beyond- 2 Minutes
Pier 1- 2 Minutes
Mattress Factory- 2 Minutes
Furniture rental- 2 Minutes
Willis- 5 Minutes
Amish Furniture- 5 Minutes
Thomasville- 6 Minutes
Plus Virginia Beach Blvd has at least 30 other furniture stores within 10 Minutes

Gasoline   top
Exxon- 2 Minutes
Sam's Club- 2 Minutes
BJ's Gas- 2 Minutes
Wawa- 3 Minutes
BP Gas- 4 Minutes
Shell- 6 Minutes
Citgo- 7 Minutes

Golf Courses   top
Bow Creek Municipal Golf Course- 5 Minutes
KempsvilleGreens Municipal Golf Course- 8 Minutes

Grocery   top
Kroger- 2 Minutes
Harris Teeter- 2 Minutes
Food Lion- 3 Minutes
Farm Fresh (2)- 4 Minutes

Hair and Beauty   top
Hair & Nail ?- 2 Minutes
Tanning salon- 3 Minutes
Backstage Hair- 4 Minutes
Great Cuts- 6 Minutes
Hair Magic- 7 Minutes
Many others all over the area

Health and Fitness   top
24 Hour Fitness- 2 Minutes
Club Wellness- 2 Minutes
Body Beautiful- 2 Minutes
Bally's- 5 Minutes
Pilates- 8 Minutes

Home and Garden   top
Linens & Things- 2 Minutes
Home Depot- 2 Minutes
Land & Coates- 2 Minutes
Blinds- 5 Minutes
Sears- 6 Minutes
2 Lowe's locations within 7 Minutes
Bed, Bath & Beyond- 7 Minutes

Hotels  top

Major Shopping   top
Pembroke Mall- 6 Minutes
Lynnhaven Mall- 10 Minutes
Janaf Shopping Center- 15 Minutes
McArthur Mall (Regional Shopping Mall)- 20 minutes

Mailing Service   top
Mailboxes etc.- 2 Minutes
Mail Depot- 2 Minutes
UPS Store- 4 Minutes

Medical Services   top
Physiotherapy- 3 Minutes
Emergency Medical- 5 Minutes
Sentara Bayside Hospital- 6 Minutes
LensCrafters- 7 Minutes
Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital- 8 Minutes
Dentists- many within 10 Minutes

Miscellaneous   top
AAA- 3 Minutes

Night Life   top
Sullivan's Wharf- 2 Minutes
Smackwater Jack's- 2 Minutes
Irish Rover Pub- 3 Minutes
Funny Bone
(comedy club)- 6 Minutes
Kelley's Pub- 6 Minutes
P.F. Chang's- 6 Minutes
Sky- 6 Minutes

Organic Food   top
Advanced Nutrition- 4 Minutes
Terra Nova- 10 Minutes
Heritage Store- 15 Minutes

Party Supplies   top
Party City- 4 Minutes

Pets   top
Petsmart- 2 Minutes
Grooming- 2 Minutes
Little Neck Animal Hospital- 3 Minutes
Veterinarians- 4 within 10 Minutes
24 Hour Vet- 10 Minutes
Many vets in the area

Pizza   top
Papa John's- 2 Minutes
Dominos- 3 Minutes
Chanello's Pizza- 4 Minutes
Napoli Pizza- 3 Minutes
Bella Pizza- 4 Minutes
California Pizza Kitchen- 6 Minutes

Printing   top
Brother's Printing- 3 Minutes
Peter Kwick Printing- 4 Minutes
Dominion Printing- 4 Minutes
FastSigns- 5 Minutes
Kinkos- 2 within 10-15 Minutes

Post office   top
Lynnhaven Parkway- 10 Minutes

Retirement Homes   top
Several within 10 Minutes

Sit Down Restaurants   top
Bonefish Grill- 2 Minutes
Frankie's- 2 Minutes
Sullivan's Wharf- 2 Minutes
Zero's Subs- 2 Minutes
Irish Rover Pub- 3 Minutes
Chili's- 4 Minutes
Applebee's- 4 Minutes
Bombay Paradise- 4 Minutes
Ensenada Mexican- 4 Minutes
Bangkok Garden- 4 Minutes
Misako Sushi- 4 Minutes
Regenello's Italian Restaurant- 4 Minutes
Shun Xing Chinese- 4 Minutes
Rest. brianna likes- 4 Minutes
Gus & Georges Spaghetti- 5 Minutes
P.F. Chang's- 6 Minutes
Harold's- 6 Minutes
Fuddrucker's- 6 Minutes
Cheesecake Factory- 6 Minutes
Macaroni Grill- 6 Minutes
Kelley's Pub- 6 Minutes
Max & Erma's- 6 Minutes
Ruby Tuesday- 6 Minutes
California Pizza Kitchen- 6 Minutes
IHOP- 6 Minutes
Schlotsky's Deli- 7 Minutes

Specialty Shopping   top
Wild River Outfitters- 2 Minutes
Golf Galaxy- 4 Minutes
Calico Corners- 4 Minutes
Specialty Car Rims 3 within 5-10 Minutes
Hallmark- 7 Minutes
Planet Music- 7 Minutes
Emerson Cigars- 7 Minutes
Ski World- 8 Minutes
Dive Quarters- 10 Minutes
Nautical Furniture and Antiques- 12 Minutes
Tennis Pro Shop- 13 Minutes
Boaters World- 15 Minutes

Sports and Sporting Goods   top
Wild River Outfitters- 2 Minutes
Bike Shops- many within 2 to 10 Minutes
Golf Galaxy- 4 Minutes
Tow Ga Martial Arts- 4 Minutes
Dick's- 6 Minutes
Ski World- 8 Minutes
Dive Quarters- 10 Minutes
Sports Authority- within 10 Minutes
Tennis Pro Shop- 13 Minutes

Storage   top
Jack Rabbit Storage- 4 Minutes

Strip Malls   top
Village Shops- 4 Minutes
Lohman's Plaza- 4 Minutes
Pinewood Shops-4 Minutes
Lynnhaven Convenience Center- 5 Minutes
London Bridge Shops- 8 Minutes
Many small clusters of specialty stores within 10 Minutes of the house.
Plus plenty of dollar stores and thrift stores within 10 Minutes of the house.

Tennis courts   top
Public- 2 Minutes
Private tennis club- 5 Minutes

Video Rental   top
Movie Gallery- 2 Minutes
Blockbuster Video- 3 Minutes
Christian Video- 6 Minutes

Warehouse shopping   top
Sam's Club- 2 Minutes
BJ's Wholesale- 2 Minutes

Wine and Spirits   top
ABC Store- 2 Minutes


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